Review: Schacht’s Zoom Loom

The Zoom Loom is a modern remake of the classic retro pin looms that were manufactured between the 1930s and the ’70s, the most popular of these being the Weave-It. Four inches square, the Zoom Loom differs from earlier pin looms in having a broad plastic frame that’s ergonomically shaped in order to provide an excellent grip for the user. It also has a notch at the starting point which holds the end of the yarn so a knot doesn’t have to be made. (Knots slightly disrupt the overall regular scalloped appearance of the edge.)

Image courtesy Schacht.

Image courtesy Schacht.


Although the Zoom Loom has exactly the same configuration as the Weave-It, which means that the scalloped edges of both are identical, the Zoom Loom is very slightly wider than the older loom. This means that if you owned both models of pin looms, the squares made on each would not necessarily “mate” if you attempt to join them together. (However, doing so might result in interesting  slightly textural surfaces if you were to checkerboard the different squares together in a blanket.)

Although the Zoom Loom’s new ergonomic grip around the edge is nice, I found that after making nearly a thousand squares on my vintage Weave-It, muscle memory still tended to make me grip it by the pins instead of by the wide frame.

The instructions are excellent, with detailed illustrations of each step of the warping and weaving process.

The Zoom Loom comes in a sturdy mid-size Velcro-closure box with a handle so it can be easily carried around town or on vacation. However, my vintage Weave-It came in a much smaller box barely any wider than the loom itself, which would fit into a purse or into luggage much more conveniently. Quite often, small is better. The packaging could have been downsized considerably without losing effectiveness.

The Zoom Loom comes with extra pins and a large needle for weaving. These slip into a zip-lock bag that is stored inside the box.

Price: ~$39-$40.

As with the Weave-It, possible projects include scarves, pieced quilt-like blankets and afghans, and garments.

The Zoom Loom in action (note: fine yarns can be doubled, as here).

The Zoom Loom in action (note: fine yarns can be doubled, as here: click to enlarge for more detail).


The comprehensive site for vintage pin looms,


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